Bondage-A Practical Manual for Beginners (2018)

If you are a shibari passionate or just curious, this manual will be for you.

I started writing this book in 2015, coming back from Japan, where, for the first time, I met my Sensei Yukimura Haruki.

The manual is a tribute to teaching, my itinerary and my growth into the practice and transmission of Shibari in the last 25 years.

I wanted to give the book a practical-theoretical setting, talking about shibari’s history as much as security and the correct approach to the practice’s ethical, deepening bindings, describing them step by step.

I integrated the description and illustration of fifteen different bindings, ideated to play and improve our practice, from the simple single column to the more complex Gote.

Paperback available on YouCanPrint (worldwide shipping).

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