Private Lessons

Private lessons

The most exclusive way to learn the shibari technique.

Private lessons are the most exclusive and direct way to learn bondage techniques.They are the best way for those who do not have time and way to participate to group lessons in Shibari Dojo, for those who wish to have a more intimate ambient or a totally personalized solution. They last 2 hours and they can be agreed upon your most convenient time and day.

They also are my favourite way of teaching, because I can dedicate my total attention to the student and discover what’s his bondage view.

In the private lessons’ ambient it’s possible to request one of the learning process usually offered as workshop o simply explaining your needs and aspirations, to have a reference along the goal achievement.


A private lesson of two hours has a cost of 120 euro.

In order to participate a partner is needed, an eventual sigle person without a partner can contact MBDStudio, specifying the need of a rope model.

For info and reservations: Contacts.