About Me

Davide La greca, also known as Maestro BD, was born in Rome in 1971.
He attends stages and performs different roles since high school, because of his love for theatre and live action roleplay. He hangs out with different amateur theatre companies, estabilished the Gilda degli Anacronisti and GRVitalia, two associations dedicated in Live action roleplay.

Many years of hard study with japanese and european experts passed between the Bondage’s discovery and his first public exhibition as a rope artist. The result for Davide is a new artistic realization that brings him to the decision of sharing in his area the knowledge of his art. He therefore starts teaching in Rome with workshops and seminars, then expanding through Italy and Europe.

For the last two years he’s traveled regularly to Japan in order to deepen shibari techniques under the guidance of Sensei Yukimura Haruki, firstly as a student and then qualified instructor Yukimura Ryuu school.

Today MaestroBD is one of the most noted bondage performers in Italy, resident riffer in different Italian play party and often guest in the major clubs and party all around Europe. He’s been the first Italian performing on the main stage in Munich’s Boundcon (2011), in the international Bondage fair in Hogenems (Austria, 2014), on the Saint Pietersburg ‘s RopeFest stage (2012) and Onawa Asobi in Tokyo (2016); however his main employment is teaching. He created the Shibari Dojo in Rome and Pavia, two Bondage schools where he teaches weekly and monthly.
He contributed to the organization of exhibitions, events and shows even beside bondage’s ambient. He’s been the artistic director of Xplore Roma, a sexuality themed festival, the italian version of the German Xplore Berlin.
Essayist and writer, he published rope-themed photo books, practical manuals on rope techniques and a stories collection.